Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Report

Lake Winnebago bays are still kickin out panfish while the south end seems to be null and void of fish and fisherman. On a brief tour of the south end yesterday only a handful on shacks were visible on the ice. “Just a few marks and not much on the camera and I drilled 50 holes”, one fisherman noted. I’m holding out on hope as I’ve seen this in the past. Guys will slip in there after a while and just smoke um!
The bays from the wayside on Hwy 45 all the way to Blackwolf have been consistent for gills and perch action. Many I have talked with have mentioned it has slowed with all the lake traffic. The East side is reporting spotty activity for white bass and perch. There is a wide open hole off of Brothertown that is stacked with ducks and that is keeping the ice from forming. Extreme caution is advised on the east shore with reports of ice variations from 6 to 12 inches.
This will be the first time in many years that we will be navigating the lake with vehicles by Christmas. Parents, please have a 5 minute conversation on ice safety with your kids. Just because we have a foot of ice doesn't mean the safety rules go out the window. Travel in pairs, tell someone where you’re going and have a throwable and rope in the vehicle are just a few rules that will save a life. The ice is never 100 % safe and a little caution and knowledge goes a long way.

Better yet, Take your Kids Fishing.

Best Fishes on a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season!

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