Thursday, December 26, 2013

East Side/ Calumetville Report 12- 26-13

 Today we fished between  Calumetville and Brothertown  and  bounced around in and between the 5 groups or so that where spread  from 1 and 4 miles off shore.  I checked ice at all the stops and 14.5 inches was max and 13.5 was the least amount of ice I measured . Travel is getting interesting with some major drifts in most areas we traveled.  No roads are plowed  so finding a path to get around was fairly important.  . At Gladwater Beach, the ice  is very  rough near the 1 mile mark with big ice shards sticking up in the air. Many are covered by snow, waiting to take a muffler or oil pan out so use extreme caution when traveling out there. We caught fish at every stop, White bass ,perch and walleyes.  Each school of fish seemed to be reacting a little bit different to the baits. Jigging Raps were the bait of choice fished with nothing on it or a waxie hung off the treble hook. I will be out all weekend so I will keep you up dated!

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